Creating and Sustaining A Culture of Employee Recognition & Retention

Effective employee recognition should be an integral part of any business HR employee retention strategy, even better if a company is able to embed it as a cornerstone aspect of the company culture. Not only does employee recognition boost employee retention but it has the ability to drive productivity and cement greater work satisfaction.   

The resounding positive impact of employee recognition has been proven by many of the world’s most successful companies like Google and Apple. And those companies who treat their people as their most valuable asset are often the most successful.

While many companies have traditionally focused on remuneration and financial rewards as a form of employee recognition, it’s become increasingly clear that without verbal appreciation, the benefits are more short-lived.

Ultimately, the act of gratitude, recognition and appreciation humanises business relations and helps drive company culture that people want to be a part of.

What is Employee Recognition?

At its core, employee recognition is the act of open acknowledgment and expressed appreciation for employees’ work efforts, behaviour and contributions towards the business or organisation.

Employee recognition may be expressed in many different forms: informally, formally, internally or privately, delivered verbally and/or backed by a financial incentive like a bonus for meeting monthly or quarterly goals. No matter what the approach is, employee recognition is a powerful and valuable part of any organisation’s operations.

Why Does Employee Recognition Matter?

Implementing the right kind of recognition program for your business can reap major benefits including improved employee engagement, reduced turnover, increased productivity, boosted team morale, and greater purpose and motivation.

Moreover, publicly acknowledging your employees for who they are and what they do, can breathe more life into the workplace making it feel more engaging, inclusive and personable.

When employees receive recognition for their work, it has the potential to instil a greater sense of purpose, makes them feel valued and respected when they know they’ve positively impacted your business and the team. The flow on effect is that they are also less likely to seek other job opportunities elsewhere.

In the long term, employee acknowledgment translates to higher employee retention and greater work satisfaction among your team, having a major positive flow on effect for company culture, motivation and productivity.

Reevaluating Your Reward Policies as an Employer

Employee recognition has long been a cornerstone of effective management, yet this is an art few have mastered. Proper staff appreciation looks beyond the numbers to value the people behind this success. As such, the organisations worth working for are always reevaluating how they reward their employees.

Sizeable workforces mean less attention is paid at an individual level. Hence, business leaders must constantly rethink the way they keep their employees engaged and fulfilled, and at the same time, support the organisation’s goals and core values. Unfortunately, the larger the company grows, the more this becomes a challenge.

Here’s how you can build an infrastructure around recognition and use it to bolster employer branding and company culture, preserve a more productive workforce, reduce employee turnover and boost employee retention.



3 Alternative Ways to Sustain a Meaningful Employee Recognition Program for Better Employee Retention

1. Make your Compliments Count By Being Specific

Employee Recognition is always more effective and meaningful when your compliments are specific. Highlight specific accomplishments as opposed to a generic compliments – celebrating wins like hitting a sales goals, finding cost-effective solutions or delivering projects below budget and before project timeframes, are all valid examples.

By being specific in with your appreciation, employees find it easier to relate to the recognition for their work, creating more job satisfaction.

2. A Successful Recognition Program Doesn’t Always Require Financial Incentives

Financial incentives are great but typically fall short as a singular strategy. Be creative with your recognition program. Many employees are equally interested in seeing their value recognised through opportunities for career growth, personal development, gaining more responsibility and trust, up-skilling, and seeking out more flexible work arrangements that foster a work-life balance.

3. Be Consistent & Make Recognition a Part of Your Company Culture

Late recognition that is dished out months after the work has been done isn’t nearly as impactful as when it is given promptly. Make employee recognition priority by instating formal systems like a talking point in weekly staff meetings to ensure that moments to  recognise your employees’ achievements aren’t forgotten; or imitate a program like Google’s “Wall of Happy” where team members can actively participate in giving and recieving recognition in the form of thank you notes and company announcements that spotlight their colleagues wins.

Honouring the Direct Link Between Employee Appreciation and Retention

Companies experiencing low employee retention rates should review their employee recognition and benefits policies. By implementing the clear management tools for recognition, you can give your employees the extra push they need to stay motivated and give them a good reason to never look elsewhere.

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