Recruiters Must Think Like Marketers in 2023

2022 marked a significant shift in the recruitment market. 

Job vacancies increased, and applications fell.

Job seekers became empowered due to the number of available jobs. 

Come 2023. Employers must work harder to attract great talent. 

Now, the best recruiters are re-evaluating their talent strategies to get a headstart on recruiting the best talent in 2023.

So, what will it take in 2023 to win the best talent?

In a tough market (as it stands), savvy recruiters will need to think like marketers.

The most significant shift in 2023 will be how we think about and approach recruiting. 

Talent teams can no longer afford to recruit like traditional “HR” teams: less authoritarianism and more magnetism are required to build bridges. 

The bottom line is that successful recruitment teams proactively use marketing strategies to attract applicants. 

Effective recruitment marketing attracts, engages, nurtures and convinces great jobseekers to apply for a role or express interest in your organisation. 

It’s not just about using all your tools at your disposal: careers sites, social media, employee stories, job ads, employer branding, SEO and automation to paint a compelling picture of life at your company. 

It’s about tailoring your recruitment marketing to show job seekers why they should want to work for you – attracting more applicants and building a more robust talent pipeline. 

2023 presents a new world for many HR teams. Creating cutting-edge content and building website landing pages isn’t what most people think of when pursuing a career in HR. 

But, with competition for talent at an all-time high, exploring new avenues and keeping up with the current trends will be the path to winning candidates. 

Content plays a significant role in recruitment marketing.

However, more than cracking content on a Careers page is required. Talent teams must be diligent by diversifying distribution and using targeted Calls-To-Actions to funnel more people to hit ‘apply’.

Gen Z and Millennials are notorious for using social media for career research. Posting a job ad or company website, or job board may not produce the applications you’re after. But a short video featuring your employees sharing why it’s great to work for your company is a much more compelling way to engage your audience. 

In 2023, the successful hiring teams will use recruitment marketing strategies to boost their talent pipeline with targeted messaging across multiple channels.

Take Sportsbet, for example – the online gambling giant that in 2022 focused on building an on-brand, engaging careers site, used social media to drive traffic back to their site, used targeted CTA’s, used targeted employee ambassadors and employee-generated content, customised landing pages that speak to each talent segment, used Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) to relate to talent groups. 

In essence, Sportsbet achieved the following results by thinking like a marketer:


increase in referrals


applications via their Careers page


days reduction in time in the recruitment process


halved agency spending in 6 months

Recruitment marketing boils down to showing the right message, to the best people, at the right time, in the right place – and presenting a cohesive picture of your employer brand across all channels. 

This is a huge shift away from traditional hiring strategies, but it works. 

Talent Right is here to help you execute your strategy easily and without increasing your workload.

Key Takeaways for Recruiting in 2023


  • Think and act like a marketer. 
  • Break down your key talent segments and think about what really drives them to hit ‘apply’, and construct your content around that.
  • Address your Dream Talent with Calls-To-Actions that actually target them. 
  • Customise landing pages that target specific talent segments on your careers site.
  • Use recruitment marketing tools like social media to nurture job seekers through your recruitment funnel.


  •  Post an ad to a job board and just call it a day.
  • Rely on manual processes to build your talent pipeline —it’s resource-intensive and often delivers a poor candidate experience.
  • Be a generic HR recruiter. In 2023, it’s all about standing out from the crowd. Today’s job seeker asks, “Why should I want to work for you?” 


Set Up Your Recruiting Process for Success

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As we move swiftly into 2023, businesses must develop a concrete action plan to align their recruiting processes with current demands and trends. 

January and February are excellent months for recruitment when the candidate pool will be at its best. Get a head start with Talent Right.

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